Is your business harnessing the power of Social, Local, and Mobile platforms for Digital Transformation?

Is your business harnessing the power of Social, Local, and Mobile platforms for Digital Transformation

Paraphrasing digital marketing expert,Peter Drucker:

The primary purpose of a business is to earn and retain loyal customers.

However, for small to medium business that’s easier said than done! Disconnect between the business and its customers results in miscommunication, unfulfilled expectations and of course a waste of time and money.


What can businesses do to deliver an exceptional customer experience?

Adopting digital transformation as the essence of their very existence. In short, go SoLoMo!

“So Lo Mo is a digital marketing concept that brings together collaborative (SOcial), geo-targeting (LOcation-based) and on-the-go technologies (MObile) under one roof to deliver a holistic customer experience.”– Excerpt from my book: Think Digital – The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs”

SoLoMo empowers businesses to reach their customers right where they are and give them right what they want, right when they want it! So why do I think making your web presence SoLoMo friendly is so important for your business? Read on:

Social Profusion

With the speed at which social media platforms are exploding, it’s only inevitable to see more and more businesses use the social profusion to their advantage. Social selling has changed the way we do business.

Social media is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for consumers to engage with businesses.

Consumers not only use social media to interact with sellers on a daily basis but also use it recommend products or services to their connections. Needless to say, people believe information coming from trusted sources (family, friends, and colleagues) than a newly launched online business!


Location-based marketing is not a new concept. Knowing where your customers are in real-time and with some context (social data) around it, has opened an incredibly invaluable marketing opportunity for businesses.

Place, proximity and context can help businesses target their customers with relevant content!

Not only this but geo-targeting allows them to get response in real-time! Location-based targeting allows customers to search for local nearby businesses. That’s not all. Once customers are inside the store, store-mode apps can lead them throughout their path to purchase.

Mobile Ubiquity

The growth in the adoption and

Use of mobile devices is reshaping the way customers are consuming information and making purchase decisions.

With an increasing number of on-the go tech-savvy mobile audience, businesses are placing more emphasis on mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce has opened a new door of opportunities for marketers to get closer to their target audience.

Mobile apps, wearable technologies, responsive web designs, and location-based SEO allow marketers to collect a wealth of data on consumer behavior, preferences and past interactions with the business.


Businesses that have been pro actively adopting SoLoMo are able to translate digital signals (generated through information collected on social, local and mobile platforms) and use them to target prospects!

We find numerous such examples from startups like AirBnB to huge multinationals such as Nike and BnP Paribas about which you can learn in my latest book: Think Digital – The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs”


Are you a small business owner seeking to digitally transform your business by leveraging social, local and mobile platforms? This book will help you device and implement strategies to put your SoLoMo approach into action and get closer to your audience with targeted content.

The step by step approach offered here will help your business gear up for the digital future, closely examine the digital competition in your industry, and help you craft a strategy that’s best suited for your business.

The book provides a great opportunity to business owners, marketers and other stakeholders to learn through case studies from leading global brands and map out their digital journey with my comprehensive digital transformation checklist for success.

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