Online VALUE Proposition: The Fair Way of Gaining Unfair Advantage

Why do your customers feel the need to leave your website and go somewhere else when you are offering everything your competitors are? No idea? Well, read the statement again!

When your offering is almost identical to your competitors’, how will your customers know what is that one thing that YOU offer and nobody else does! Even the idea of getting lost in the web clutter is almost scary!


That’s when it becomes imperative for you to understand the need of a clear and strong online value proposition for social selling. As explained in my latest book: Think Digital: The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs, Value Proposition is a set of the most persuasive reasons your prospective customers should buy from you and no one else!

Hence when making a value proposition for the purpose of social selling take into consideration three basic elements: Your customers, the benefit you provide or the problem you solve and finally, how you do so in your own unique way!

So the VALUE in your proposition can help you gain unfair advantage over your competitors but in a fair way. Using my favourite acronym style, this is the VALUE you must provide to your customers interacting with your online brand.


Validate the Need of Your Offering

validateMany newly launched businesses don’t represent a brand-new out-of-this-world idea, which no one had thought of before. Still, they succeed! Why? Because their digital marketing efforts are focused on that one pain-point of their target audience that the competitors have over-looked!

A famous inventor Charles Kettering once said: A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

If you are able to identify a white space in your target market that is not being addressed by anyone else, and state if effectively, you have a value proposition right there!  Capitalise on the opportunity to develop your offering to address that pain-point!

Excerpt from the book: “Businesses can develop genuine human interest in their brand by taking a customer-centric approach rather than product-centric approach.”


Affirm What You Claim

AffirmIf you say that you sell the best donuts in the world, will people start flooding to your restaurant or start ordering online from your website? The truth is no one will believe you unless you show a proof of it.

In other words,

Social selling requires you to affirm your online claim with case studies and client testimonials.

You need to get people talking about your offering on forums or social media channels, so they try your offering and find out for themselves.

You can also make your online business credible with industry experts talking about you, mentioning you on social media/blogs or liking your business online.

Link Your Offering to the Need

Do Linkyou know how to state in one sentence what you can do for your online customers? If your software can help simplify the lives of people, say it! If your product can bring convenience or efficiency or increased sales, don’t shy away to tell about it.

At the end of the day, all your online customers are looking for is to address a problem they are facing.

It’s best not to waste people’s time and tell what you do right on your home page or your cover images/background pictures on social media pages.

Don’t worry if the heading is not very creative or punchy. As long as it gets the job done (links your online offer to the need) it’s awesome!

Remember, leaving even a small room for confusion on your website will skyrocket your bounce rate (the percentage of site visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page). That’s the last thing you want to happen!

Unique in Terms of Competition



Your digital marketing competitors are the most critical aspect of your online business!

With so many products and services out there, you need to be different it at least one thing.

Furthermore, stating your value proposition just once is not enough. People can easily forget what sets you apart. Also try reinforcing your proposition on contact-us page or when people are heading towards the shopping cart.


Federico Re – Freelance Writer on Entrepreneurship & Disruption for Virgin believes “Whether you have the largest product selection, cheapest pricing, exceptional convenience, remarkable scalability or the prestige-factor, you must say it clearly. Better yet, develop a story around your uniqueness!”


Excerpt from the book: “Building a story around the brand helps give it a voice and a personality, unique from everyone else!”


The uniqueness of your online value proposition must have some benefit to the digital consumers.

You have a responsive website and it’s also visually appealing, but what does that have to do with the problem your customers have?

However, if you offer the largest product selection available online, then you are sure to appeal to that segment of your target market to which that aspect matters.


Your uniqueness calls for a digital marketing plan that clearly identifies you as the best option available online!

Effective Add-Ons to Support Core Value

Have you ever thought of going an extra mile just to tip your online customers in your favour?

For digital marketing success, these could be small offers, that don’t cost you a lot but gives you a clear advantage over your competitors.

Money-back guarantee, free-setup/installation, customisation and special offers or bonuses can add some frills here and there to give a bit of a boost to your online value proposition.


For online businesses, when it comes to developing a social selling value proposition, a lot is at stake!

A distinctive brand logo, social media channels that communicates what you stand for and a website that delivers your promise!

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