With over 3 billion of the global population relying on the web for their daily life-style, expert predictions indicate that businesses will drastically change the way they operate with the emergence of Digital Technology, challenging the status quo on a daily basis.

“Think Digital – The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for Small to Medium Enterprises”, is designed to empower start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs with tools and techniques to stay ahead in this aggressive industry by bridging the gap between theoretical advice and practical strategy implementation.

This book brings together insights gained through extensive research on digital transformation best practices and the author’s decade long experience in digital transformation.

This digital transformation guide takes its readers through an enlightening journey unravelling the mysteries of the digital world. The book will teach how to balance all the small parts to work in tandem towards achieving the bigger goals, be it your company culture, investing in employees, processes and technology or using a combination of these to reshape the ultimate customer experience.

Highlighting real-life examples through case-studies from industries as diverse as technology, retail and finance, the book demonstrates how leading companies are using the digital transformation framework to stay cutting-edge and competitive in this age.

Explore different topics and perspectives around digital transformation with Logan Nathan and arm your business with strategies that will prepare you for the future.